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Buying, Selling or Maintaining?

Whether you are buying your first home or your ninety first commercial property, knowing the condition of the property is crucial to making a smart decision, one that can be financially profitable or devastating.

Premier Property Inspection LLC is there to provide the information you need to prepare your property for top dollar sale prices as a seller and have the knowledge as a buyer to make appropriate offers when purchasing.


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 Inspections We Perform

⦁    Pre-Purchase Inspection

A professional pre-purchase inspection is performed for the potential buyer.  A systematic and thorough examination of all the homes system and components may identify major defects before you buy.  The home inspection will also give you important information on items that will need maintenance to keep them in good condition.

⦁    One Year Warranty Inspections

Most builders provide a one year warranty for new construction.  It is prudent to have a professional home inspector perform a one year warranty inspection to develop a list of items to be repaired.

⦁    Pre-Listing Inspection

A professional pre-listing inspection is performed for the seller of the property. Defects unknown to the seller often lead to long delays and additional negotiations.  Taking care of these defects, or accurate disclosure, will lead to a faster more successful closing.

⦁    Structural Pest inspection

The Pacific Northwest and it's moist climate and fiber rich environment combine to provide the perfect conditions for many wood destroying pests and organisms. These include Subterranean Termites, Wood Boring Beetles, Dampwood Termites, Wood Destroying Fungi and other organisms. Your property will be inspected by a WSDA licensed Structural Pest Inspector as a part your inspection. If any wood destroying organisms are identified during the inspection it will be noted in your inspection report. If requested by the customer a WSDA report with control number will be provided for a small additional fee.

⦁    New Construction Home Inspection

A home inspection of a newly constructed home will ensure the builder has not overlooked any details.  As with all home inspections you will be reassured knowing that potential problems were addressed before they create larger issues.

⦁    Pre-Offer Inspection

In a competitive real estate market buyers often want to get a stripped down inspection prior to putting an offer on a home.  This is a faster inspection that does not include a written report but will give the buyer vital information regarding the condition of the home; so they can make an educated decision on what kind of offer to make on the property.

⦁    Owner Maintenance and Safety Inspection

A check-up that provides peace of mind.  This is a systematic evaluation of the home’s systems and components.  The inspection findings can be used to troubleshoot problems and develop a repair and maintenance strategy.

⦁    Commercial/Industrial/multi-family Inspection

All structures share basic components or systems, such as roofing, exterior siding, plumbing, electrical systems, doors, windows etc. In commercial, industrial and multi-family apartments these systems may have unique design features and functional deficienies beyond those found in a traditional single family home. Premier Property Inspection LLC has the ability to identify the unique issues that are associated with these properties.

⦁    Sewer Scope Inspection

Side sewer inspection, also known as sewer scope, provides a video inspection of one line. This line is the sewer line that runs from the property to the main sewer line owned by the municipality. This inspection is intended to help determine the condition of the pipe interior, by looking for root intrusion, cracks, holes, and other obvious conditions. It is a limited video inspection, and does not include engineering or repair consultation or repair work. This is an additional service that can be added to the property inspection or be conducted independently. There is a reduced price break if it is ordered with a property inspection.




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